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I have obtained my Phd Thesis in December 2003. In 2004 i have been a Post Doctoral researcher in the Ocean Research Institute in Tokyo (Japan), and in 2005 in the European center for medium range weather forecast (ECMWF) in Reading (UK). Since 2006 i'm a full time researcher in the UMR CNRS lab 6134 in the forest fire team.


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Université, BP 52

20250 Corte, France

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Lab : +33 495 450 158

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Batiment CRITT,

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My research is articulated around 2 main subjects, developping fast and efficient forest fire simulation software, and application of this software to study fire-atmosphère interactions.


Simulation methods and tools for the simulation of forest fire

We are an application of the discrete event method for the simulation of fire spread. The ForeFire software is able to simulate the evolution of a large fire in less than a minute while keeping a resolution of a few meters. See for example the simulation of a large wildfire and simulation outputs in Google Earth .

You can try ForeFire in a java enabled browser

Interactive DEVS Fire simulator

Animation of a simulation in Google Earth or kml capable viewer

Simulation of a real fire (Lançcons de provence, 2005)

Another Mediterraneean large fire


Fire- Atmosphère coupling

ForeFire has been coupled with the french atmospheric model Meso-NH in order to take into account the coupled effect of wind and fire propagation.

See an example of the coupling on a simple 1.2 km long domain :



I have also developped methods and tool for data retreival and analysis

Methods and tools for forest fire data archiving and analysis

Because data is more than essential to validate and study forest fire, our team has developped an experimental platform. Nevertheless a large sum of data is collected and there is a strong need to develop method and tools to archive and process the data in a more efficient and generic way.

Fire Data can be accessed online with the experiment viewer (see an example, java required)

In order to collect fire line data fron still images, the FireVIew reprojection software (working also for large fires using Google Earth) has been developped, it is available upon request.


Fire archiving system - open an experiment (data intensive, java required)

FireView Fire line reprojection system



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