Numerical Wildfire 2013, IESC Cargese - Presentations

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Monday, May 13 – - Chemistry
10:00 Opening Presentation
10:30 Mélanie Rochoux: Turbulent combustion of pine fuels
11:00 Yolanda Perez: IDEA Project: Chemical kinetics of degradation gases of vegetation
11:30 Toussaint Barboni: A study on wildfire smoke toxicity
12:00 Dominique Morvan: Numerical 2D simulation at flame scale, estimation of front combustion
16:00 Round tables, Numerical (Chair Arnaud Trouvé) :
17:00 Round Tables, Laboratory (Chair Y. Perez)

Tuesday, May 14 – Flame
09:00 IDEA project: Atmosphere : Valery Masson: Overview of SURFEX/MesoNH physics
09:45 IDEA project: Front. : Jean Baptiste Filippi. Wildfire front tracking and fluxes models. Model reduction from flame scale.
11:00 Jonathan Beezley/Adam Kochansky: Hands on with WRF Fire
16:00 JB Filippi : Hands on with MesoNH/ForeFire
17:00 Round Tables, Experiments (Chair Craig Clements):

Wendesday, May 14 – Front
09:00 IDEA project: Tools, ensembles, evaluation, Vivien Mallet : Model evaluation based on a large observation dataset.
09:45 IDEA project: Atmosphere, Céline Mari, experiments at large scale, chemistry.
11:00 Round Tables, Simulation (Chair Mary-Ann Jenkins) :

Thursday, may 16 – Workshop 1
09:00 Roundtables synthesis, Flame scale
09:30 Arnaud Trouvé: Numerical Simulation of Compartment Fire Dynamics
10:00 Mélanie Rochoux: Data-driven Simulations of Regional-scale Wildfire Spread using Ensemble-based Data Assimilation
11:00 Susanna Strada: Prediction of fire smoke exposure and air quality degradation: toward a high resolution coupled fire-atmosphere model
11:30 Yolanda Perez: Modeling the emissions of NO from vegetation fires with a global model
12:00 Virginie Tihay: Global characterization of spreading fires at laboratory scale
14:00 Ana Isabel Miranda: Forest Fire and Air Pollution at different scales
14:30 Mohamed Drissi: Modelling the spreading of forest fire propagation
15:00 Steven Krueger: Multi–Scale Modeling of Wind and Wildfires
15:30 Gianni Pagnini: Modelling turbulence effects in wildland fire propagation by the randomized level-set method”
16:30 Oriol Rios: Forecasting wildfire dynamics for wind-driven conditions using huygens’ front expansion and tangent linearisation
17:00 Jacques Henri Balbi: Convection processes in reduces wildland fire spread model
17:30 Mark Finney: Fundamental Investigations into Wildland Fire Spread
21:30 Albert Simeoni (Video): Wildfire modelling at WPI

Friday, may 17 – Workshop 2
09:00 Roundtables synthesis, large-scale.experimental + Numerical
09:30 Mary-Ann Jenkins: Evaluation of WRF-Sfire With Field Observations From the FireFlux Experiment
10:00 Jan Mandel: Recent developments in WRF-SFIRE
11:00 Adam Kochanski: Forecasting of smoke and wildfire emissions using WRF-Sfire
11:30 Craig Clements: Wildland fire experiments at the field scale
14:00 Céline Mari: Fire and air pollution: from local to global scale
14:30 Ronan Paugam: FRP Product Simulation Tool”
15:00 Eric Bertrand: Présentation d'une méthode d'expertise du danger météo d'incendies utilisée de manière opérationnelle en zone sud
16:00 Jean-Baptiste Filippi: Combustion to the atmosphere, overview of the tools and methods developed within the IDEA project
1a6:30 Mark Finney: Decision Support Systems for Wildfire Operations and Planning in the U.S.
17:00 Andrew Sullivan: Operational tools of Wildfire risk estimation and mitigation in Australia