ForeFire API V1 Tutorial


This tutorial explains how to use the ForeFire JS API by showing an example at :
To understand how it works, we will explain step by step how to configure and launch a web simulation. The outputs of the simulations are displayed on Google Maps.


1- Date of Fire

Before starting a simulation, you have to set the date of the ignition.
Move the timeline by scrolling with your mouse while you are pointing it.

2- Wind Initialisation

You must also set the wind at the beginning of the fire.
Move the wind vector with your mouse and click to validate.

3 - Choose an ignite point

Next, you must choose an ignite point.
Move the map with your mouse and then click at a point where you want the fire to begin.

4 - Engage a simulation

When you have chosen at least an ignite point, you can start a simulation.

To proceed, click the right button on the bottom bar, this will boot the next state of simulation
You can do this to get another state as many times as you need.
Take note that you can move the wind vector between steps.

5 - Others

The system provides some others functionality like these :
- In Blue : Adding of fuel break
- In Orange : Show/Hide the timeline
- In Green : You can "click here" to get a link allowing you to reload this simulation